Anonymous asked "nah, you're the perfect one ;) (see, I can get cheesier ;)"

Your cheesiness is as perfect and wonderful as you are ;)

Seriously I’m laughing uncontrollably because of you, because I’m so blissfully happy right now :3 (you make me feel so precious I love that <3)

Anonymous asked "perfect perfect perfect message? I'll take it :P"

Haha seriously though I died

You’re perfect :3

Anonymous asked "mission accomplished, night night älskling ;)"

I am a puddle of feels and laughter and blushing and smiling and I don’t know what to say because omg

you have NO idea how happy you just made me with this perfect perfect perfect message :’3

Godnatt kära, underbara människa <3

Maura Isles  "But I Am A Good Girl" 4.03 

Anonymous asked "good, cuz there's a lot more cheesiness where that came from ;) And what am I doing, I'm trying to (and succeeding in ;) cheering you up, which makes for a pretty great night ;)"

Ohh yay :D


You cheering me up has made this a great night for me too, thank you so much lovely :’) <3

Anonymous asked "I'm glad you appreciate the cheesiness and I'm glad I'm cheering you up ;)"

Cheesiness is ALWAYS welcomed just fyi (it’s the cutest thing, seriously :D) ;)

You really are <3

So… what are you doing this evening? :)

Anonymous asked "Did your sunny face bring out the sun in the sky? ;) (I'm sorry, that was way too cheesy...) Anyway, you deserve to feel better *hugs you even tighter*"

Omg hahaha no that was so incredibly cute :D

Thank you :’) <3 I really need a hug, and you’re truly cheering me up. Your company is the best ;)

Anonymous asked "We 'celebrated' by eating a shit ton of food. Easter brunch, fuck yeah! How was your weekend? *hugs and a rizzles-style head kiss for the rough night*"

That’s fantastic! :D (food is awesome. Especially Easter food)

My weekend was pretty great, the weather has been unbelievable and I’ve spent all day every day outside ;)

You just made me feel so much better sweet, sweet person :’) <3<3 *hugs you back and never wants to let go*

Anonymous asked "I'm quite ok, how are you and your cute self doing? ;)"

I’m glad! How has Easter been (or if you don’t celebrate it, how has your weekend been? :))

I’m alright, just having a little rough night but that’s nothing good tv-shows and sweet anons can’t fix ;) <3


maura isles | 4x06


maura being a cutie-patootie again (◠ω✿)
Anonymous asked "aww, did you miss me? ;)"

I really did!

How are you, dear anon? :) <3